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05 February, 2017

South Philly Woman Uses Social Media To Highlight Illegal Parking In Philly


A South Philly woman is using social media to call out illegal parking around the city.

Last month Julia Rowe launched "Not A Parking Spot Phila" Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to shaming illegal parking in Philadelphia.

"I used to work in disability services at the University of Va for several years so when I see that its difficult for me to get around and unsafe for me to do it, I look at it as someone who is in wheelchair, its even more difficult. It's really unsafe for them to go into traffic, the same thing for visually impaired."

Jackson & Carlisle Streets. Instagram submission. #notaparkingspot

— Not A Parking Spot (@NotASpotPhila) February 5, 2017

She posts pictures of cars parked in crosswalks, on sidewalks, and other blatant parking violations. Submissions are anonymous, you can email, direct message, or tag the account.

"I want to have equal access for everyone in this city. I know its difficult to find parking, I've driven around endless times looking for parking. I don't drive now but I drove for a very long time and I know its really hard and difficult but at the same time you're putting other peoples lives at risk."

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