To Those Who Serve Us:

This blog is dedicated to the people that put their well-being at risk everyday to be there when we need them most….from the 9-1-1 dispatchers who endure the stress, to the EMT’s, Paramedics, Flight Nurses, Helicopter Pilots, Firefighters and Police Officers that put themselves in harms-way every shift. They are our neighbors, caregivers and protectors, (thanks.)

30 March, 2013

11:09 ACCIDENT-INJURIES / MOTORCYCLE (Muhlenberg, Berks Co)

Source FACEBOOK: Fire Alerts of Berks County 
11:09 FACEBOOK: Fire Alerts of Berks County 
Muhlenberg Twp: Co 520 & 535 covering for 560 : Hay Rd & Edgewood Rd - MVA W/inj
11:10 FACEBOOK: Fire Alerts of Berks County 
MC reported to be down not moving. Was not wearing a helmet
11:14 FACEBOOK: Fire Alerts of Berks County 
Fire Alerts of Berks County 520 & 535 recall. 560 clearing previous call and will handle. Squad 560 also enroute
11:28 PaDriverWatch: no further information available